Help: Platform connections and importing from other LearningStone-powered platforms

Can I connect LearningStone-powered platforms?

Yes, a LearningStone-powered platform (a platform running on LearningStone technology) makes it possible to connect to other LearningStone-powered platforms, like itself. This makes it possible to:

- Login with an account on one platform to the other (if this option has been activated)


- Import course timelines from another LearningStone-powered platform so that you don’t have rebuild the content.

How can I import content from another LearningStone-powered platform?

If you have connected another LearningStone-powered platform on your account page and you see “Create connections with content on <name of the other platform>”, next to the button, you will be able to import content (either course timelines or pages) or connect content (pages, platform admin only) to help keep the content synchronized with the content on the other platform.

Import course timelines

1.    First make sure you have connected your account on the LearningStone-powered platform to the other LearningStone-powered platform. You’ll find the button to do this at the bottom of you account page. Click on the button and then log in to the other platform. If you were already logged in, you only need to confirm the connection and you’re done.

2.       Now go to the course timeline library and you’ll see a menu to choose the connected platform so you can choose the course timelines to copy. You can only see course timelines in groupspaces where you are a manager or coach.

LS101 4 import course timeline-ENGLISH.png

How can I login with an account from another LearningStone-powered platform*

LearningStone-powered applications or platforms support logging with social login. This can be LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft etc., depending what has been configured.

It is also possible to login with an account from another LearningStone-powered platforms, again depending on what has been set up.

Go to Your account page and scroll down to the buttons to connect platforms.

If you see a button to connect, you will be able to login and/or connect content on the other service. Once you have connected the accounts you will be able to the other platform to login.

*only if this has been activated

Importing or connecting a page (platform-admin only)

First make sure you have connected your account on the LearningStone-powered platform to the other LearningStone-powered platform.
Then create a new page and choose “Website or Embed” and paste the url from the other LearningStone-powered platform and follow the indicated steps.

LS101 1 embed page.png

How do I configure connections between platforms? (platform admin only)


You can connect a LearningStone-powered platform (the main platform) to another platform (the connected platform) to:

·         Log in to main platform using your connected platform account

·         Create connections on the main platform with content on the connected platform (to sync content).

If you have platform-admin access to both platforms, you can configure this as follows in the administrator dashboard


1.      Create a OAuth2 application on the connected platform.

-          Choose Auth > OAuth2 application

-          Make a new app

-          Enable it, fill in the name of the main platform (description) and enter the full url of the main platform (

-          Click on Make app and then open it again by clicking on it to copy the App ID and Secrete for the next step.


2.      Create a OAuth2 consumer token on the main platform.

-          Choose Auth > OAuth2 Consumer secrete

-          Register a new platform

-          Fill in the name of the connected platform (the description can be the same as above, this will show on the button on all account-pages).

-          Enter the domain (

-          Enter App ID and Secrete from Step 1.

-          Choose to allow user to authenticate (log in) and/or import content.


Important: If you want to synchronize content back to the main platform, you need to do both steps with main-platform and connected-platform switched with each other.


LS101 2 EDIT APP.png

LS101 3 EDIT consumer.png

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