Help: PowerAdmin – managing members and groupspaces

Am I ready for the PowerAdmin?

If you have just started managing members and groupspaces, it’s best to first fully understand how workspaces and groupspaces are organized. See the help for managers first.
The PowerAdmin is a power tool for managers only: you can edit details across multiple groupspaces or even workspaces, so use it with caution.

You can search for members and manage them (start with “Manage members”) and manage groupspaces with the PowerAdmin (start with “Manage groupspaces”).
You can find the PowerAdmin through a link in the menu in “Organize members” (1 in image below) or in the workspace settings where you can also export the members. Please note that the “roles” that you will find in the PowerAdmin are the roles you see in the fields in “Organize members”. Each type of groupspace (Collaborative, Solo, Managers) has specific roles and you cannot change a role in one type of groupspace to a role in another. E.g. Members of a solo groupspace, can never become collaborative members. “End of access” and “Removed” are also roles within the groupspace.


LS064.4 PowerAdmin 1-ENG.png

Managing groupspaces with the PowerAdmin

Choose “Manage groupspaces”.
You can only manage the groupspaces that you are a coach or manager of. Workspace managers can manage all groupspaces. Have a look at the following example and notice the >> links to drill down.

With this function you can:

  • Find workspaces and groupspaces (in multiple workspaces);
  • Copy, archive, and un-archive groupspaces;
  • Jump to settings or organize members of a groupspace.

With this function you cannot:

  • Create a workspace. Go to the bottom of “My Catalog” or “Workspace settings” for that, or if not available please ask for support;
  • Upgrade or downgrade. Go to workspace settings for that;
  • Delete a groupspace permanently. First archive a groupspace and then you can go to the archive in the Catalog to delete it permanently.

Let us know which other functions you need with the Feedback & Support link!

LS064.4 PowerAdmin 2-ENG.png

  1. Choose “All workspaces” or a specific one in the menu.
  2. Filter the list by typing or choosing active or archived groupspaces.
  3. Drill down >> to see all the groupspaces in the workspace.
  4. Drill down >> to see all the members in the groupspace.
  5. Choose “Actions” to: Copy, Move to Archive etc for the groupspace.
  6. Choose actions for selected groupspaces (select with checkboxes on the left).

If you want to search for specific members and you don’t know in which  groupspace or even which workspace they are in, you should start with “Manage members” (at the top).

Managing members with the PowerAdmin

Choose “Manage members”

With this function you can:

  • Find members and check memberships.
  • Change roles for members in one or multiple groupspaces;
  • Remove members (they are moved to “removed members”);
  • End access (or plan when this happens automatically).

With this function you cannot:

  • Invite members (go to the groupspace and choose “Invite” for this);
  • Move members from one group to another: go to “Organise members” in the groupspace where the members are and choose “Move” (to move or copy).

LS064.4 PowerAdmin 3 members ENG.png

  1. Choose “All workspaces” or a specific one in the menu.
  2. Search by text, e-mail (type the whole email address) and sort.
  3. Select members (check marks) and then set roles, added dates or end date for those members.
  4. You can click on the name for more info, or drill down >> to see which groupspaces the members are in.
  5. Choose the menu to select an action for the specific member.

WARNING If you choose an action in this view, it will have effect for all the groupspaces the member is in. It’s usually  better to first drilldown (>>) for a specific member to see for which groupspaces the action will have effect.


Not a workspace manager?
If you are not a workspace manager (a member of the managers group), you can only change roles, dates etc in groupspaces that you are a manager of.

Removing members?
If you remove members, they will be moved to the trash in “Organize members”. Once flushed, all member data (progress reports, forms etc) will be gone for ever. It’s usually better to “End access” as member data will be kept but the member will not be able to enter the groupspace.

Titles of pages
The titles of pages in the PowerAdmin are links that open in new windows which can sometimes make it easier to navigate.

Multiple roles
It’s possible to be a coach and a manager or a member and a manager. When setting a role, you can choose these combinations.

Archiving groupspaces or Ending access (archiving) for individual members
You can archive an entire groupspace (in the catalog with the menu to the title of a group room or in the PowerAdmin).  You can also end access for individual members  automatically after a certain number of days by setting this in the groupspace settings for the whole group. By setting individual dates or changing 




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